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Re: Pro Form Horse Supplement


Whenever my 1/2 Qtr 1/2 Arab goes onto a supplement or extra protein feed, he
starts getting mega energy so I better be ready to work it out of him.  He is
normally a pasture roamer so when my daughter takes him to the 4 H Fair, we
even have to take him off Alfalfa for a couple weeks or he has just got too
much spunk to be stalled for days, even with her riding him 2-3 hours a day.

No one but those around him who know him can tell you for sure if it is the
supplement or something else going on but I just wanted to let you know that
some horses can definately react this way to any changes in feeding.  I would
take him back off the Pro Form for a couple weeks and see if he settles back
down to his old self.  If so, you know that was the problem.  If not, you will
have to do further investigation.

Good luck.

Lori and Keno, the brat

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