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Re: Pro Form Horse Supplement


We've had a few horses over the years that just couldn't tolerate grain
without getting too high, not just feeling, but real idiots.  I just
wondered if you had ever grained this horse and what were the results.  It
seems like most of this supplements that are meant to feed larger doses
(not like just vitamin, mineral supplements which is usually an ounce or
two) have a lot of grain in them.  I'll be watching to see what others
thought.  Hope you are getting some ideas from all the letters.

> From: Anne Kusmich <>
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> Subject: Re: Pro Form Horse Supplement
> Date: Saturday, May 02, 1998 1:03 PM
> Gail ...
> There is corn meal.
> First top ingredients are corn meal, can molasses, linseed meal, wheat 
> germ oil ...
> it goes on and on and on !!!!
> Anne
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