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Re: Pro Form Horse Supplement

Hi Susan ...

I did list every single ingredient in the supplement and sent it to this 
forum.... however it never materialized ... which I took it to mean the 
"POWERS THAT BE" didn't want the ingredients listed ....?!?!
Most of these forums are monitored; perhaps they didn't want any 

I have since taken my TB off the supplement and I will give it ten days 
before I start looking for #2 reason.  On top of all this skitzoid 
behavior, yesterday the owner brought up her pig from the lower barn.  
As if the supplement wasn't enough to wig him out, this pig is enough to 
make him stampede!  Geez Louise!  What timing.

If you would like a list of the ingredients anyway, please e-mail me 
privately and I will send them to you privately.



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