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Alisa Ann Waxman

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From: Janet Baca 

Hello Everyone,
Just to give you an update on Alisa; she arrived here in Kingman Wednesday evening, Christmas eve at about 6:30 pm MST.  I drove over to meet her and met Pye.  Pye is so cute, and she has such a kissable nose.  I really enjoyed meeting both of them.  We went out to dinner to about the only place that was open, a nice steak house that had just recently been enlarged; the type of place with sawdust on the floor and real westerny with the town's forefathers pictures on the walls and also commemorating Andy Devine (an old movie star named Jingles, remember him?) who was a resident here for quite some time. We thoroughly enjoyed each other's company and talked none other than horses, horses, and horses.  She did not have any place to stay so I asked her to stay with me.  We had a great time and I showed her the video that Potato sent me (Thanks much Potato).  I introduced her to my horses (she didn't have a choice--I was driving) in the morning and took her back to the Fairgrounds where she was set up.  She was on her way to Death Valley after loading and hopefully will be riding there for 4 days then on to NM to do one of Randy Eiland's rides.  I sure hope she gets her a flight out.  She was worried about that.  Maybe the Bumgardners will give an update of how she is doing on the ride.  Really enjoyed her company!  Thanks Kathy for helping her!

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From: "Arikaras" <> on 12/17/98 05:32 AM GMT

To:   Alisa Ann Waxman/CHI/NTRS
Subject:  Re: Anyone live close to....Tucumcari, NM, Kingman, AZ or Tuscon,
Hi Alisa,
Funny how this internet works. We live in South Africa, but have a friend
who visited us at the beginning of the year who i beleive lives in Kingman.
She has a couple of horses so im sure that if she cant find a place for you
she will know of some one that does. Her name is Janet Baca & her email is:
Good luck,
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From: Alisa Ann Waxman <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 5:23 AM
Subject: Anyone live close to....Tucumcari, NM, Kingman, AZ or Tuscon, AZ

>Hi Ridecamp!
>Alisa Waxman, here, again asking about accommodations.
>Sorry to send another message, and air my traveling challenges to the
>world, but I am still trying to get plans set to drive out to California
>for the Death Valley Encounter.  I talked to Jackie, the ride manager,
>tonight and it sounds like a great ride.  I'm getting excited!
>I am taking the southern route to Ridgecrest, CA to hopefully avoid
>challenges, and am planning to take 3 1/2 days to drive there, since I'm
>driving alone and its Pye's first really long trip and only trip by
>My first stop is Joplin, MO,  Tuesday evening, and a ridecamper has been
>kind enough to offer me (Pye) a pen for the night.  The next stop is
>Tucumcari, NM.  Does anyone live in the area or know someone who does, who
>might be willing to let us stay over Wednesday??
>The third stop is in Kingman, AZ.  Again a request for anyone in that area
>for help Thursday night.
>I'll arrive at Fire Mountain Arabians on Friday, so Pye can rest before
>Monday-Thursday rides.
>I am planning to go to Las Cruces, NM after the DVE ride.  So, one last
>time, does anyone in Tuscon, AZ have some space the night of Jan 1st??
>I'll finish the trip on Saturday, the 2nd, so Pye can adjust to her
>surroundings in NM before I fly back to Chicago on Sunday.
>To explain this strange set of plans: I intend to come back down for Randy
>Eiland's rides in January, February and March.  BTW, I did several of his
>rides in 1997, and would highly recommend to anyone that they try to
>attend.  They are well organized, well vetted, and have great people.
>If anyone can help me with arrangements, please call me at work (800)
>621-1911 X7-1273, I have voice mail.    Thanks to all for listening.
>Alisa Waxman
>and AKB Pyewacket (Mom, what are you up to now....???)

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