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Re: Awards Ceremony

Maureen, you totally misunderstand the culture and their intent. 
Steve Shaw was right on in his story about it.  I do not believe
the "booing" was meant "against" Valerie, the USA or any other
person or country.  I told you my interpretation.  It is NOT
subject to approval or is just MY


Maureen Mathisen wrote:
> I AM SORRY, BUT I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH YOU     .  Since this was an
> international event, all winners , finishers, and nations (we assumed)
> were to  be treated with respect.  It wasn't done and another site
> should definately be choosen for "next time".
> OF COURSE  the cultures are different, but rudeness should not be
> excused for any of the participating nations.In any other" Olympic "
> type event this certasinly would not be   excused.  Why are we doing so
> here?  They are NOT an "ignorant" people who do not know what they are
> doing is insulting!
> Mauren

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