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AERC Members re: LD Bylaws


On December 4th I expressed my own personal opinion that it was a mistake
to approve the amendment to change the definition of Limited Distance
from "25 to 35 miles" to "0 to 49 miles".  I listed many of the possible
adverse consequences we may encounter by defining all rides that are 49
miles and less as Limited Distance.  Since I put that post on ridecamp I
have received many, many e'mails and phone calls on this issue.  

In reference to the LD Bylaw and the many concerns that have arisen,
please note that the AERC Board is exploring all available avenues to
resolve potential problems and conflicts that may result from this Bylaw.
 Ride Managers should not worry that non endurance type rides will be
accessed AERC fees.  If your ride is sanctioned or you are planning on
sanctioning, continue to plan as usual.  In my opinion, I think the Board
does not wish nor intend to make every ride less than 49 miles be defined
as a Limited Distance Ride.   To be safe, I suggest you contact your
Sanctioning Director for clarification and to let them know your feelings
on this issue.

Randy Eiland 

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