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Re: Awards Ceremony

I am writing a story about the "good, the bad and the ugly" of
this event.  My $.02 worth on the booing at the stadium is one of
cultural difference. In view of the devout loyalty of the people
of the UAE to their leaders (one of them being the favorite in
the race), and although it was also offensive to me, I felt the
booing was an expression of support for their country more than
it was any bad feeling towards Valerie or any of the others
(individuals and teams).

In bedouim times (remember the Black Stallion II?) your were a
guest and treated with the utmost dignity until you left. It is
cultural and very much based on a "survival" type of society. 
VERY different from ours.

When my story is published (being offered to several magazines),
perhaps a better understanding will come across.

On a personal level, the "ceremony" was FOR the UAE and NOT for
the competitors.  The competitors were the means, not the end.


Jennifer Kendall wrote:
> <<if they can't accept the reality of women and other nations as winners
> and finishers, they are missing the whole point. >>
> Brenda,
> I couldn't agree more!  I believe that if they can not be gracious losers, they
> should not have the honor of holding such an event...even if they are very
> hospitable up until the win...just my 2 cents!
> Congratulations to everyone who had the opportunity to participate and help!!!
> Great Job Everyone!!!
> Jen

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