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peculiar religion

> From: lpopp <>
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> Subject: Re: Racing horses and making money....
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> >   What
> > bothered me about the post to which lpopp referred was the insinuation that
> > even if there was a problem with the horse, as long as he was winning, it
> > was
> > not important to fix it. 
> Heidi and others, 
> I apologize for my "aggressive, sanctimonious, self-righteousness" as
> indicated by Tom.  The very thing you state above was the real issue
> with me.  I do disagree with an awful lot of the race track practices. 
> Tom, I have no problem with your post or questions about your stall
> runner.  In fact, I think we on Ridecamp learn a lot from every one who
> posts here.  I agree, to each his own, but to sacrifice the horse for
> the sake of a few dollars, as Carl wishes to do, does bother me and I
> never expected to see such a post here.  My apologies to any one I may
> have offended with my "peculiar religion".
> Lisa
> Carl writes,
My response to Tom's question had nothing to do with sacrifacing a horse
for the sake of a few dollars!!!!!! It had every thing to do with the
wisdom of turning a horse out before a diagnosis and if turning was
going to fix the problem or if there is a problem since the horse was
racing and making money. Weather you think in relative terms or not
making money is the name of the game.Few people can offord the luxury of
the "sport of kings"and the sport today is overcrowded with these types
this is what leads to what you refer to as "sacriface" for the sake of a
few dollars.You do have a "peculiar religion" don't understand what you

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