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Re: Racing horses and making money....

>   What
> bothered me about the post to which lpopp referred was the insinuation that
> even if there was a problem with the horse, as long as he was winning, it
> was
> not important to fix it. 

Heidi and others, 

I apologize for my "aggressive, sanctimonious, self-righteousness" as
indicated by Tom.  The very thing you state above was the real issue
with me.  I do disagree with an awful lot of the race track practices. 
Tom, I have no problem with your post or questions about your stall
runner.  In fact, I think we on Ridecamp learn a lot from every one who
posts here.  I agree, to each his own, but to sacrifice the horse for
the sake of a few dollars, as Carl wishes to do, does bother me and I
never expected to see such a post here.  My apologies to any one I may
have offended with my "peculiar religion".

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