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Re: Eavesdropping on the show set

I thought this discussion was just based on an interesting remark that
Angie came across, no different than overhearing a conversation and
discussing it with someone else later on.  We're not talking about
rifling someone's personal mail for Pentagon secrets here and I assume
the young lady in question knew her comments about unskilled endurance
riders would be disseminated to *one* extent or another.  Nobody, least
of all Angie, was suggesting these kids are all bad, horrible little
brats.  I'm glad to hear other people on that list jumped on the one
person that made the original comment about endurance riders being
unskilled, but I also don't think it's that big a deal that we discuss
it on this listserve without the guilty party present---that's just what
happens on internet communication.  I certainly know I've gotten
responses from far-flung people after one of *my* posts has been
forwarded a dozen times until it ended up on the Outer Sri Lanka Welsh
Pony Breeders Forum, that's just the internet ripple effect.

I agree with Angie---it was just an interesting remark she came across,
and it did relate to the little story I'd put up about misconceptions
and the Buckle Bunny set at Cal Poly.  If the kids on the other list
know better, and that one comment was an abberation, great.  But Angie's
about the last person I'd want to see gagged on this list, she's just
too much of a treasure, and as far as I'm concerned, there are more
important things to get our panties in a twist about.  Like exactly what
vintage red wine Potato is drinking that enables him to win Tevis.

And absolutely no offense to CM Newell, either, she's a smart lady and a
good vet.

Just my usual .02, of course.

Susan G

Angela C. McGhee wrote:
>  dismayed to wander over here and see  a post lifted from a
> >mailing list for *children* without, I strongly suspect, the
> >permission
> I apologize.  Didn't really realize that was one of the unwritten rules
> of the internet.  Won't do that again.  I also apologize for my
> characterization of the list.  I read several of their posts this morning
> (first I've read since that first week that I got such a bad impression)
> and it was lots better.  I guess I just got in at a bad time.  I didn't
> think of it as "picking on children" since many of the "children" in this
> list are riding at very high levels of competition and talk more like
> professionals than most adults.
> Wasn't trying to start a war, just thought it meshed well with Susan G's
> experience that she'd posted.
> I am a wicked, wicked person so I am putting myself on 2 weeks probation
> as punishment.  Consider me banished from ridecamp.
> Angie
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