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Re: Eavesdropping on the show set

 dismayed to wander over here and see  a post lifted from a 
>mailing list for *children* without, I strongly suspect, the 

I apologize.  Didn't really realize that was one of the unwritten rules
of the internet.  Won't do that again.  I also apologize for my
characterization of the list.  I read several of their posts this morning
(first I've read since that first week that I got such a bad impression)
and it was lots better.  I guess I just got in at a bad time.  I didn't
think of it as "picking on children" since many of the "children" in this
list are riding at very high levels of competition and talk more like
professionals than most adults. 

Wasn't trying to start a war, just thought it meshed well with Susan G's
experience that she'd posted.

I am a wicked, wicked person so I am putting myself on 2 weeks probation
as punishment.  Consider me banished from ridecamp.


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