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Re: Appaloosas

You might consider the fact that the horses brought over by the Spaniards
were of the Moorish or Barb descent! These horses included some with the
blanket and spots.

Fast forward to the Barbs and Spanish Mustangs being bred today with very
little outside influence and you will find the occasional blanket with

Bob Painter of Midvale Idaho has about 120 of the Barbs where in he can
trace blood lines for a minimum of nine generations. He has some blankets
with spots and can guarantee no quarter horse blood. They are tough horses
and not for the beginner or faint hearted though.

The Appy Registry will have nothing to do with then though, since they are
not of the QH build and do not look like what the Appy people want now. The
will run the ass of any appy around in the long run though.

So, if you want an Appy, realize you will have a hard time not getting a
colored QH when you buy one.

Bob Morris (originally an Appy owner)
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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Date: Saturday, November 28, 1998 7:51 PM
Subject: Appaloosas

>Just like the Preservation breeders of old Arab lines , there are people
>breed old style Appys . The ApHc was started in 1938 - they registered all
>colored horses to establish a gene pool . They closed the book in the
>but reopened it to horses bred to QH , Tb's and Arabs . QH's being the most
>popular - it is hard to find an Appaloosa that doesn't have some QH blood .
>Right now ApHC is fighting out closing the book again .  There are
>descended from Arab stallions one line is the Red Eagle line . You can find
>many foundation breeders online ,  Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding only .
>Valerie - former Appaloosa Breeder

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