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Stall running horse

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From: Barb Peck 

After reading all the posts, something jumps out at me.  When he's loose in his stall, he's constantly on the go (even running over his goat companion) but when tied to the hay rack he stands still.  Well, have you tried a tie stall? Some stalled horses are so neurotic about wide open spaces that they flip out if they're not in a small enclosure (that's what we/ domestication as done to some of them.. but we won't go there now) If it's behavior related, and it sounds like it may be, maybe arena turn out & a tie stall will make him happier. He may go nuts loose, so I'd make his arena turn-out small & slowly enlarge it. Even though I'm a proponent of as much turn out as possible, if this guy has never been out, you could have a wreck waiting to happen.
Good luck with this one.

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