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Re: DUBAI - infos found in UAE Newspaper

I reviewed the Flagstaff tape about 3 weeks ago trying to find some 
>for a friend, and didn't see ANY horses stop at the finish on the 
>remember them doing so from when I was there, either. 

Maybe I've lost my mind then, because I only stayed until about 18th
place came in.  I remember bright lights, and that we had problems with
the crowd getting out into the road an applauding when the horses came in
and they kept asking everyone to move back...I wasn't one of the problem
people because I was off to the side pounding my fist against a tree
because my rider had missed a turn by no fault of her own .  I'll have to
look at my video and see if I made it up.  I've been known to have a bit
of an imagination.



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