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Re: tripping

My question for some of these people is why are their horses tripping?
Sometimes there is a valid reason (root, rock or something) and
sometimes they are just lazy.  My gelding is a pro at tripping and we
have been working for a year and a half on upping his angles (he had no
heel when I got him) and my dear farrier/husband also squared and rolled
his toes for me...I have noticed a marked improvement.  His stumbles now
are usually valid ones and we both have a better ride for it.  He still
needs more angle which we are hoping to achieve by next year  but in the
meantime (knock on wood), it seems we have the stumbles under control.
I am happy to know that there are lots of thoses stumblers out there,
not just me and Jonathan!!  :) I don't feel so alone now!!
Maggie in Michigan

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