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re: tripping

Susan wrote
>>>You guys are so lucky you have time to think what to do..The time or
two I had
a horse fall I was going down the trail one minute and the next
nanosecond was
on the ground. >>>

While it certainly is true that there are unavoidable falls, the points
people made about staying with a horse who trips are good ones.  The
thinking has to be done ahead of time.  Think like a "weeble" - those
base-weighted toys which, when knocked down, always right themselves
because their weight is in the correct spot.  Riders fall-proof
themselves (to the extent this is possible) when they pay attention to
their balance in the saddle and use their seatbones like the weeble's

And ride with a light hand which will allow the horse her head when she
needs it most to recover balance.  Never deliberately pull on the rein
during a stumble.  It not only doesn't help, it gives your horse the
wrong message - that she will be punished each time he takes a wrong

Marie McRae
Certified Level I Centered Riding instructor

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