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Rotator cuff/tripping

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From: Diane Nelson 

Five years ago my experienced gelding
tripped at a walk, pitched me to the
ground and fell on top of me.  I fell on
my right shoulder, on a rock, then had
950 lbs pin me to the ground, driving
that shoulder harder into the ground.
I had a compression fracture and a
badly torn rotator cuff.  This is May.
Recommendation:  immediate surgery to
repair the cuff. Like a fool I said
"Later, after the season is over".

Well, later in Nov. I had the surgery
and it was too late to do anything for
the rotator cuff which had atrophied
and shriveled.

After extensive rehab, I can do lots
of things the doctors thought I'd never
do.  But I do it frequently with a lot
of pain and stiffness, if at all.
Certain motions are out of the question
but I have "taught" muscles in the
shoulder/neck/back to compensate.  That
has caused additional stress in areas
not meant to handle the load (no pun

Rotator cuff injuries are nothing to
sneeze at and are all too common with

It's best to get to a really good sports
medicine doctor and *listen* to their
advice.  Or pay the consequences for
the rest of your life.

Allentown, PA

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