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Re: Helmets Part VI, VII, VIII, & IX

On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 02:23:02 EST, wrote:

>The odds in Russian roulette are 1 in 6 times you will die. The odds that
>riding without a helmet are not 1 to 6 that you will sustain a head injury

There are no guarantees.  All a helmet does is improve the odds in
your favor ... but consider the stakes!


>Life is too short to worry about all the possible dangers out there. 

Indeed, but life is too precious to risk throwing away by failure to
take simple, basic precautions.  How many sky divers jump without a
reserve chute (or a helmet, FTM)?


>Whether I choose to ride as people have for thousands of years
>is my decision and has nothing to do with the sport. 

People did not have helmets available for thousands of years.  Look at
the gear working cowboys adopted to improve their safety in a
dangerous profession.

I'm not disputing that it's your decision ... just observing that it's
not a very smart one, with what's available today and knowing what we
know today.


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