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Re: Helmets Part VI, VII, VIII, & IX


You guys are keeping me busy responding and I need top go riding but here
Body amour also could decrease your risk level as well sitting on the couch
would also lower it. That does not make it right. (not an option in my world)

Joe this has nothing to do with helmets rather it is about you assuming to be
able to determine what is or is not foolish for someone, you do not know. 

<How many sky divers jump without a reserve chute (or a helmet, FTM)?

Your arguments are not logical. If a sky diver jumps out of the plane he is
taking risks that he will only survive based on how effective his equipment
is. He cannot do it without equipment. I would want the best equipment money
could buy if I were to jump.

But I can ride a horse without any equipment at all and I have good chance to

Do not compare apples to oranges and then say it is logical.  

People have had helmets for thousands of years. Look at the Roman soldiers
they wore helmets, they were just different from what we have today. They
deemed helmets necessary for fighting but not for riding.

I do not need you have to think my decision is a smart one, I just ask that
you have enough manners to respect other peoples point of view. Calling
someone a fool is not something to do done lightly. My mom taught me not to
call names a long time ago.

I respect your choice to ride with a helmet. I think it is great that so many
people do.
I own several helmets and often have lent them out to junior riders who are
too young to sign the waiver forms. I make my children wear helmets while
riding, but I insist that when the only thing I risk involves my life no one
has the right to tell me what to do.

Joe, I do not mean to argue with you about the way I choose to live.

Respectfully yours 


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