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Re: Tripping

It is a hard habit to break, just like pulling back on the stick when
your plane is heading down but has slow airspeed (the equivalent of a
trip about to happen), a habit pilots have to break. Back in the old
old old days before the forward seat was invented, the European
calvary officers were taught to jump their horses by hauling back on
the horses head and leaning back in their seat, sort of like rocking a
rocking horse backward. With hind sight we see that this was

What you were taught to do was probably correct, though the
explanation that you were given was a very poor one. What you were
supposed to be doing was to round or collect your horse a little
before the jump so that it wasn't all stretched out, all the better to
use its hind end to take the jump.

Having been in some high speed spills (30+ mph) I tend to fall (pun
not intended) on the side of letting the horse do what it needs to do
once the fall has started. I do think though, that you can reduce the
chances of a fall by using the reins and seat in the normal course of
riding. I concentrate a lot harder on seat and reins on the young
starters than the old campaigners who know it all already.

---"Mary C. Abbott" <> wrote:
> I'd like to hear more views about this horse tripping issue and
> or not to pull up on the reins.  Years ago, when I was taking riding 
> lessons at a hunter-jumper facility, I was told to pull a horses
head up 
> when it tripped or, as my mare tended to do, dive at a fence.  Yes,
I was 
> told this was the way to keep your horse from falling.  Since then,
> has become what I naturally tend to do when my horse trips and I'm
> down the trail.  But Jim Mitchell's argument from and 
> "biomechanical" standpoint makes sense to me.  Now I'm wondering if
I can 
> break the pull up on the reins habit...  Any other views?
> Mary Abbott
> Grass Valley, CA

Nicco Murphy - Poway, San Diego, CA

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