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RE: Tripping

> As far as the tripping - you should NEVER try to pull your horse up
> when he
> is
> tripping.  How many horses in the pastrure do you see fall down from
> tripping?
> You should give your horse the reins if he starts to trip so that he
> doesn't
> have to fight you to regain his balance.

Yes!  I agree 100%.  I have Never understood the thought behind
'supporting' the horse with the reins.  I just can't see the mechanics
of it, with you being ON the horse and all!  I have always given my
horse his head when he stumbles and they recover quite well on their own
every time.  As long as you remain balanced in the saddle and don't let
your weight come forward, the horse can take care of himself.
Lisa and Echo Run Banner (But mom, I AM picking up my feet!  There's
just so much to see!)

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