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Re: Tripping

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....

Keep you horse "in hand" at all times when you ride and he will trip maybe
onc e every 10,000 miles..otherwise, he is just a horse wit an unbalanced
weight on his bacj and will trip every 100 miles.

I ABHOR the idea of pulling up on his MOUTH to keep him from falling...this

Avoidance is better than a cure.


Mary C. Abbott wrote:

> I'd like to hear more views about this horse tripping issue and whether
> or not to pull up on the reins.  Years ago, when I was taking riding
> lessons at a hunter-jumper facility, I was told to pull a horses head up
> when it tripped or, as my mare tended to do, dive at a fence.  Yes, I was
> told this was the way to keep your horse from falling.  Since then, it
> has become what I naturally tend to do when my horse trips and I'm riding
> down the trail.  But Jim Mitchell's argument from and
> "biomechanical" standpoint makes sense to me.  Now I'm wondering if I can
> break the pull up on the reins habit...  Any other views?
> Mary Abbott
> Grass Valley, CA

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