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Re: Helmets Part VI, VII, VIII, & IX

The odds in Russian roulette are 1 in 6 times you will die. The odds that
riding without a helmet are not 1 to 6 that you will sustain a head injury
(end of that comparison). Even if you come off a horse a dead gallop you will
not necessarily hurt your head, you may break your back become an invalid and
still be a burden on society. Wearing a helmet does not protect from being
crippled or killed. Wearing does not prevent you from becoming a burden to
society. A helmet may prevent a head injury in the right circumstance, and if
I were that paranoid about a head injury I probably would not ride a horse

Life is too short to worry about all the possible dangers out there. Head
injuries seem to be a politically correct thing for people to worry about. So
worry about them if you like but do not expect everyone to join the band wagon
just to fit in. Whether I choose to ride as people have for thousands of years
is my decision and has nothing to do with the sport. Look at the diversity of
people and riding styles in this sport, why would anyone expect that with such
a diverse group a people involved we all must think like you or we are
automatically wrong. The diversity is why this sport is strong and growing and
it is also why we are different.   

You want to wear a helmet, that's your option and I will respect that but I
ask that you respect my view as well.


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