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Falling horses

>up by your bootstraps.  Sounds good but never seem to work. I can't lift
>myself off the ground by my shoelaces and you can't lift your horse off the
>ground by his reins.

Good point Jim.  I think that what many of us are doing is causing our
horses to pay attention.  Usually, mine will trip or stumble when *I'm* not
paying attention.  Obviously, if they are going to trip bad enough to go
down I'm not going to be able to stop that (I've been lucky, that has never
happened).  Yet, if I do have a good grip on the reins I can sort of help
them keep their balance and/or help them re-focus on what is going on.
Usually they are figuring out that I just figured out that I was
daydreaming <G>. 

I do know that the times I were to just drop the reins and let them sort it
out - well - those are the times we've done the faceplants (or forehead
plants).  Maybe I just have horses that stop paying attention when I do?

See you at Silver State!  :)

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
& Weaver, 2305 miles and 1 or 2 faceplants :)
& Rocky, 850 miles, no faceplants yet but I pay attention on this guy! 

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