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The helmet poem

Humpty the rider and Dumpty, her Horse
spent a few minutes lost, but were right back on course
They cleared the first vet check, they were doing very well
It was 8:45 a.m. and then things went  to hell

Right out in front, just 20 miles to go
When Dumpty the horse seemed to catch his toe
On something too small to ever identify
They were launched end over end, Wow! Did they fly!
Humpty hit head first with her face in the rubble,
Not very graceful, this was going to mean trouble
Then Dumpty landed on her and skidded her along
Goodbye to Humpty's teeth and her face and so on.

Even a helmet couldn't save everything ~
Humpty's hubby was behind, got to see the whole thing
In a heartbeat he was there, checking for broken bones
Dumpty was up and had bolted for home
A nearby camper arrived fast with his car
They loaded up Humpty, the hospital was far
On route Humpty looked in the mirror at her grin
Oh my god, her face was split open from her lip to her chin

All the kings doctors and the dentists of kings
Worked Long all day stitching & patching up things
Teeth in & out, root canal,  an alignment of the jaw
Humpty hung in there, she had to... after what she saw!

Could've been a lot worse, Said all the kings men
When they finally got Humpty together again.
And meanwhile Dumpty was well cared for too,
His bruises and cuts were miraculously few.

So Humpty & Dumpty must stay low for a while
But in a week or two should be able to smile
to remember those 3000 racing miles that passed by,
Before Humpty & Dumpty attempted to fly!

The Troxel was totally destroyed. Thank god for Troxel!

    Check it Out!    

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