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Re: Helmets Part VI, VII, VIII, & IX

Jerald, Riding without a helmet is like playing Russian Roulete.  Sooner or
later your number will come up.  I hope by that time you have seen the
light and have switched to using your brain and not your worn out ideas
about show ring folks.  They aren't small minded, just smart.  It wouldn't
bother me one bit to see AERC take the leadership position by making
helmets manditory.  Jerry Fruth...Hickory Ridge...Standing JABASK KNIGHT

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998, wrote...
>It was said that we didn't have to compete if we choose not to wear a helmet
>that's pretty much the same thing.	People do do not have to make decisions for
>me . The beauty of endurance is that it is a sport where a person do things
>the way one chooses and not have to dress and act like the show ring people
>and yet the small minded thinking is still there. THe diference in risk level
>riding a horse 50 miles with or without a helmet is negilible. It is not like
>stepping in front of a truck where the results have to end in disaster. 

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