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Re: A gift from Canada!

Okay Angie, where do we send the donations? You know, the one for your new
helmet since, obviously, your old one is going to be way too small now? ;-)
Lori B.

> From: Angela C. McGhee <>
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> Subject: A gift from Canada!
> Date: Monday, November 16, 1998 2:22 PM
> Hooray!!  I just got a package in the mail from Paddi in Canada.  
> The ladies at the little Wildwood Post office (on the end of the building
> with one gas pump and the "Wildwood Quick Stop") were very impressed with
> all them Ferrun stamps!
> Well...what do you suppose was inside?  A TROPHY!  It's a "Winged
> Victory" with a tiny little sponge attatched to one of her upraised
> hands...and at the bottom it is engraved: "Grand Champion Sponger of the
> Universe!!"
> Eat your heart out Lynda!!
> Thanks Paddi!  I'm putting it on my trophy shelf...right next to the
> "Middle of the Road" award I got from the War Eagle Ride (it was an
> engraved reflector off the middle of the road).
> I'll treasure it always.  My kids were really excited.  Josie said, "Mom,
> are you really the best in the world?"  I said, "Yes dear, but don't tell
> Lynda because it makes her feel bad."  :-)
> Angie
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