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Re: "WEG" and Carlos

In a message dated 98-10-24 08:32:56 EDT, writes:

<< I would hope that Misters Stewart and Benedetti were speaking for
 themselves and not representives of the USET/AHSA/FEI/AERC.  If these
 were to be read as official opinions then I find the wording and
 implications of these post very distrubing and very unprofessional.  >>

Knowing both of the above Misters personally, I can say without a doubt that
both work their fingers to the bone to see that our FEI squads have the best
opportunities possible.  I don't always agree with these Misters (have paid
for MANY lengthy long distance calls to Mister Benedetti over the years, and
have had our battles, but have nothing but respect and admiration for his
sincerity and willingness to sacrifice time, blood, sweat and tears for our
squads) but I can attest to the fact that neither one will  leave you in the
dark as to what they believe, both are up front and honest, both are extremely
professional, and I think our squads are fortunate to have such hard working
individuals willing to put forth the necessary effort to provide them with the
best.  When medals are handed out, no one puts the Chef d'Equipe or the head
selector on a pedestal and plays the National Anthem, but that does not make
their efforts any less important to the overall results.

I am not sure what you found unprofessional or disturbing in their posts; both
gentlemen have been attacked in this forum, and both responded with the facts.

Meanwhile, we have a great squad, and it is time to get behind them and wish
them the best of luck in their quest for the Gold in Dubai.  I consider myself
fortunate to have become involved in FEI events, if for nothing more than the
opportunity to meet and work with the great group of dedicated individuals
involved in fielding our squads at these events, not to mention the terrific
riders who compete.

Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon)

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