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Re: Sports saddle - sore knees

I have a Sports Saddle, with the stirrups set back an inch and a half.  I
ordered it this way because I learned to ride English, and the info on stuff indicated that this was recommended.  I also
ordered it with the reiner (high) front and a three inch cantle because I
felt that I needed the extra security.

Now I'm considering replacing my saddle with another SS, but with the
standard pommel and two-inch cantle, because I feel like the setup I have
now is getting in my way.  I had planned to get this one with the stirrups
set back only three-quarters of an inch.  I'm 5'5", with short legs (and
bad knees), and I definitely want my heels under my shoulders and hips.

I don't have access to other SS's to try out.  Can someone give me a handle
on the mechanics/physics of the youth cut with and without moved-back

Cindy Eyler

At 10:17 AM 10/23/98 -0400, Jude Hall wrote:
>At 08:17 AM 10/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Margaret -
>Yes, yes, yes!  The youth cut worked for me. I am 5'6" also, but only about
>1/3 of that is
>legs.  My husband loved that saddle anyway, so he took it over, I ordered
>another with
>the youth cut option - it is perfect.  I have my stirrups set in the normal
>position.  I rode
>in one with the stirrups set back, my knees felt more stressed, so I
>decided to stick
>with the normal placement.  I think the freedom of the leg movement seems
>to be the
>key if you have short legs & not-so-good knees.  My dressage saddle didn't
>hurt my
>knees either.
>Good luck, when you get it right you'll love it along with your horse.
>>I too have 'been struggling to find the perfect saddle, and have noticed
>that my horse definitely prefers the SportsSaddle.  However, my knees
>>I noticed that Sports Saddle offers a youth cut option that is designed
>for riders under 5'3" or those that want greater freedom of movement in
>their stirrups.  I'm 5'6"; but was wondering if anyone had experience with
>this modification and what their experiences are regarding freedom of leg
>movement.  (My dressage saddle doesn't hurt me at all.)
>>Similarly, I was wondering if I could get feedback on a 1" setback on
>stirrup leather placement and whether the saddle felt more balanced or
>knees less stressed.
>>You can email privately at
>>Thanks for your help.
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