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From: Barb Peck 

Coming out of Lurkerville  because I think all the posts are missing the mark on this one.  I'd hate to see a homeopathy vs. conventional medicine debate on this list.
  First of all, Kim Henneman may not have been aware that this was *only eye ointment.  While I don't know her personally, I know several people in my area that have used her and she's very well respected.

 With immuno-supressive eye
ointments the molecule (of cyclosporin
or coticoid steroids..or what ever) stays pretty much contained within the
eye and very very little is absorbed throughout the body via this entry route.
   Even though it's mostly contained
within the eye, and does not supress the whole body's immune system, it's NOT without risk, and if you use it 
you should KNOW the risks.

  I know this because I did the research before I allowed my Dr. to prescribe these ointments for ME when I
had exactly the condition you all are discribing here. The major side-effect is pressure within the eye, and danger of a detached retina (read: blindness)
from these eye ointments.
I had the pressure in my eyes checked every 2 weeks while on it. Luckily,  for me, after awhile I was OK and discontinued the stuff.

Boy, I hope this doesn't print in one long string....




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