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OK gang I am going to stir things up here.  In endurance we all love a 
great deal right? And I am sure the person who wrote the original post 
feels like they got a great deal. Good for you!  But hey lets call it for 
what it truly is and NOT ADOPTION, BUT HORSES FOR SALE!  I have never seen 
an actual adoption agency with such high ADOPTION FEES!  Non-profit you've 
got to be joking, and the next thing we'll hear is that the trainer is one 
of the owners or board members of Horse Power itself!  What a neat little 
way to sell horses and still call it adoption.  Heck if I am going to spend 
that much money I'll just go out and buy a horse with no strings attached 
from a private party.  Horse Power either needs to lower their fees if they 
are truly bent towards rescue work or call themselves something other then 
a non profit horse rescue agency.  These fees are nuts, if they really want 
to send these horses to good homes then get with it and adjust your 
"TRAINING FEES" (ha!) to something more reasonable.  At those rates they 
are competing in the horses for sale market!  What a joke!  Both my horses 
that I purchased for $1000 to $1500 were rescue horses and I bought them 
from private parties.  One was rescued by a friend of mine and the other I 
rescued myself but I don't fool myself and say I adopted them!  So hey 
Horse Power if you really care about placing these horses in good homes 
with all those strings attached GET A CLUE!  Either call it for what it is 
HORSES FOR SALE, or lower your fees!

Replies?  Bring them on but lets do this public gang because Ridecamp has 
been boring lately!  This irritated me so much that if you do reply 
privately to me I may just be irritated enough to forward all replies to 

>are NOT in danger, but  they will go back to the sanctuary.  Adoption
>fees range from $850-$2000 and that money  is used to pay their

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