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RE: Beet Pulp (Dumb Question)

I live in San Angelo, TX (quarter horse, cowboy country) and I have the feed store special order beet pulp for me since it is not sold at all in San Angelo.  I always order my next batch well before I run out of my supply, so that I don't end up running out before the new stuff comes in.  I pay more for beet pulp than does my sister in Alb, NM because there are several feed stores that stock it there so I quess the prices are more competitive.  BTW, guys are the feed store are always asking what I use it for.....their guess is that I am using the beet pulp for my compost pile  :) 
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-----Original Message-----
From: Janet Baca []
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 9:57 PM
To: ridecamp
Subject: Beet Pulp (Dumb Question)

With all the talk of beet pulp all the time am wonder where in the heck do you get this stuff?  Never heard of it until I started reading ridecamp.  I'm in northwestern AZ in a small town but I've never seen it.  The feed stores get their supplies out of Phoenix but this is quarter horse country and not any other endurance riders around here that I know of except a family in Lake Havasu City.  Vegas is about 2 hours drive and don't go there that often.  Does anyone know if it's popular in Phoenix area?  Maybe my feed store can special order it.  What does it look like, pellets?
Janet Baca

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