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Re: yikes!

Hi Dede,

Be prepared to be intimidated even more. I have been
riding horse since I was 5 and trained my first horse when
I was 13. I have been working with horses since. I also
read a lot and I thought I knew a lot about the raising and
working with horses. Well, being on this list has made me
realize how little I actually knew. I have been enjoying the
wealth of information that is present here and have been
learning a lot.

Welcome to the list! Endurance riding is a lot more fun and
more of a challenge then pleasure riding. The endurance net
web site is a good source of basic information. There is a
riding manual there by AERC. There is also the archives.

Lynette Helgeson

Scott D Johnson wrote:

> Hello,
>         I just subscribed to this list yesterday. I am interested in
> endurance riding- just short novice rides and thought I'd lurk around here
> and see what I can learn.  I must say I'm a bit intimidated already!!  My
> horse has never tyed up before.  She's a Standardbred that raced years ago.
> I've had her for 4 years and just pleasure ride.  When we go on the trails
> she goes and goes and  never seems to tire.  That's what gave me the idea
> of trying a little endurance with her.  Maybe this is more than I am
> looking for.  I will continue to read the posts and am looking for a good
> book on the basics.  Happy Trails
> Dede and Boogie Blues in Central CA

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