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Re: Re:Pro Burst

Gail - How much and how often did your husband use it during the ride?

Lori Hayward
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From: Terry & Gail Kinter <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 8:52 AM
Subject: Re:Pro Burst

>Hi Kris,
>My husband has been using Pro-Burst on his mare the first race he used
>it was Sept. and we saw a drop in her heart rate. She won 1st place
>over-all and BC. Three weeks later he used it again and won 1st place
>over-all and BC. He used again last week-end and was 1st place over-all
>and BC. He feels it is giving his mare an edge. She never seems to have
>to get that second wind. It is just there all day. I have to say the 
>mare looks like she hasn't done anything after the ride. These were 50
>mile rides and this week-end he plans to try it on Randy Eiland's Paso
>Del Norte 100 so we will see what happens. I can see a difference in the
>horse since he has started using the Pro Burst. His mare has better
>recoveries than she has before. She never has had really low recoveries
>but I don't think she has a really big heart and she is only 14'2 and
>is carring 200 pounds. If I was you I would try it. It is definetly
>worth trying. Terry has also been taking Pro Burst capsules for himself
>and he says they are great he doesn't get muscle cramps in his legs
>when he runs and he says he doesn't feel tired after the ride.
>Hope this helps.
>Gail Kinter

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