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Re: soaking beetpulp

Ann B writes:
> Really and Truly!  You only have to soak beetpulp for about 
> 15-20 minutes!

Mine are lucky if the stuff gets soaked for *that* long.
I mix it with whatever extra goody (COB at the moment) 
and add water, squish it around so everything's moist 
and there are no dry patches, and then feed it. 

I actually feed it really wet - almost gruel-like at 
times (hence the slurping noises Karen Chaton mentioned 
when Provo is munching) - I figure it'll continue to soak 
while he slurps it up - by the time he's got to the bottom, 
it'll be nicely soaked...

> could feed it dry if you REALLY wanted to.

After Mouse ate about 30 lbs of it dry the other day
when she got into the bag, I am far less worried about
it now. She didn't explode, or anything...

> However, in the really cold
> weather when horses aren't drinking much, I'm sure it 
> would be better to feed it wet.

They *will* drink, even when they don't realise they are...
Works for me.

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA

with Mouse and Provo

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