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Re: soaking beetpulp

> Ann Blankenship wrote:
> Really and Truly!  You only have to soak beetpulp for about 15-20
> minutes!  Just add HOT water, cover with the lid to a garbage can or
> something, and unless you're living in Siberia, I wouldn't think it
> would freeze.  Not sure why folks think this has to be soaked for
> hours?  In just a few minutes it picks up enough water to soften up
> and (Susan G, correct me if I'm wrong)

Nope, soaking with hot water is fine, not to mention a nice thing to do
during cold weather.  Shredded beet pulp soaks up faster than the

 you could feed it dry if you
> REALLY wanted to.  Lots of people do.  However, in the really cold
> weather when horses aren't drinking much, I'm sure it would be better
> to feed it wet.

The best quote I've heard from a nutritionist about soaking beet pulp
was either from Steve Duren or Joe Pagan (both of KER), can't remember
which, who said, "There is absolutely no research to support the
necessity of soaking beet pulp prior to feeding it---but I soak it

I agree with your thoughts that soaking is a good idea in cold weather
when horses aren't drinking as much.  If you can't soak, or can only
soak for a few minutes, then it would probably be advisable to try to
find the shredded beet pulp instead of the pellets.  

Susan G

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