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Re:Pro Burst

Hi Kris,

My husband has been using Pro-Burst on his mare the first race he used
it was Sept. and we saw a drop in her heart rate. She won 1st place
over-all and BC. Three weeks later he used it again and won 1st place
over-all and BC. He used again last week-end and was 1st place over-all
and BC. He feels it is giving his mare an edge. She never seems to have
to get that second wind. It is just there all day. I have to say the 
mare looks like she hasn't done anything after the ride. These were 50
mile rides and this week-end he plans to try it on Randy Eiland's Paso
Del Norte 100 so we will see what happens. I can see a difference in the
horse since he has started using the Pro Burst. His mare has better
recoveries than she has before. She never has had really low recoveries
but I don't think she has a really big heart and she is only 14'2 and
is carring 200 pounds. If I was you I would try it. It is definetly
worth trying. Terry has also been taking Pro Burst capsules for himself
and he says they are great he doesn't get muscle cramps in his legs
when he runs and he says he doesn't feel tired after the ride.
Hope this helps.
Gail Kinter

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