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Re: Competing in easy boots

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From: kristi 

THANK YOU to all of you who replied to me
privately. ALL the replies I rec'd were
pro easy boots/barefoot riding. I also
rec'd an e-mail from Ryder Hartley from
EasyCare recommending the book "The Natural Horse" by Jaime Jackson; it 
describes how to trim a horse to go
barefoot/wear boots when needed.
Apparently Germany has started a national "Barefoot Farrier" certification program to train
farriers how to trim barefoot horses
properly. How come the USA is so far
behind most of Europe when it comes to
required farrier certification and
training? P.S. I apologize for the
weird margins - when I type this in at
"guest post a message", the system 
puts in its own hard returns but then
runs in a long, hard-to-read string
when it's posted! Kristi

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