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Re: [RC] Equipedic or Skito Pad for Treeless Saddle? - Karen Sullivan

Hi Val,
You can check the message archives at the treeless yahoo group which is
If you are not already on this group....there is a ton of good
information just about this sort of stuff.

Your skito should be front load.....and depending on your weight, i do
reccomend the dryback skitos with laminated inserts for the BMSS (we
just had a long discussion on this on the treeless group).....because
the BMSS has no panels or spine clearance....but then again, I did all
my endurance riding in the BMSS in a simple skito with 3/4" inserts
with no problems....

But if that doesn't work you can get HUGE problems....!

i do myself prefer the skito pads due to the choices in bottom
material (I like the wool fleece better than quilted or felted
materials)....the insert choice, the shape choices and the dryback
options...you can also order shims, different firmness foams,

Your beefiest skito you can get is a dryback top, laminated shims or
firm foam, wool felt inserts underneath the foam...and the wool fleece
bottom....this is quite a substantial pad without being too thick....


On 2/28/09, Val Nicoson <vnicoson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a Bob Marshall endurance saddle, an older one to be sure, and am
looking at getting either an Equipedic or Skito Pad for it.  I've found
someone with both they are selling for a good price so want to know what
RCers think would be the better choice.  Any Pros or Cons to either is fine.

Currently I have a rectangular Skito for the saddle but with a short-backed
horse I need someone more rounded like both of these are.  The Equipedic has
had about 2 years of use 3+ times/week and the Skito has only been used less
than 7 times.  So if this makes any difference in what I ought to consider
there you have it.

I am wanting something with good spinal gullet or clearance on it as I will
be using it on 2 horses with different saddles.



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[RC] Equipedic or Skito Pad for Treeless Saddle?, Val Nicoson