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Re: [RC] Very Virtual Endurance - John Teeter - John Teeter

There is no relationship between the VVRides and the AERC. It doesn't really relate to AERC beyond that some of the participants may be members of AERC as well as participating in the VVRides series. It would be difficult to make VVRiders from Australia, South America, or Europe, join AERC in order to enter a ride and I certainly don't what to have to require proof of membership in some organization b/f I allow someone to ride their horse.

There is currently an open issue in the VVRides napkin of rules relating to counting miles which may have been done at an event sanctioned by some other organization. My position is, today:), that a mile is a mile and if you submit your track logs and fill out your vet cards then a mile done at an AERC event which happens to be concurrent with a Very Virtual event counts. It DOES mean that you need to do CRIs at all your vet gates (which AERC does not require) and you have to keep your arrival time/pulse time info (which AERC does not record).

I should point out that the third motivator for the Very Virtual Rides is that it teaches EACH of us to vet/evaluate our own horses. You MUST do a CRI (which means you need to learn to trot your horse and to take pulses!!) and you need to do all the other tests on a regular basis - it's a learning by participation experience:)

Flora is also bringing the team aspect of the VV Rides to the forefront. She's focused on "samePlaceSameTime" teams - where she's organizing a set of week-end rides on the OD trails in March. Her team will ride together and have good time. My only input to her now is that each team has a good team secretary - local tech support as it were:)

But I think teams can be broader in nature - like "a team must have at least one rider from each of 5 regions of the world" -- to help people from around the world begin to meet each other and, in the end, begin to share/trade real rides (or real virtual rides, like when Miguel and Celina went to France to ride the Floraq trails with Leonard!!


great fun though:)



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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


Re: [RC] Very Virtual Endurance - John Teeter, Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF