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Re: [RC] ginger for horses? - Sandy Adams

yeah among other acts of abuse that are "business as usual" at these shows. There is also cutting the tail dock so as to make them carry their tails like Quarter horses in the western classes; then there is the liquid cocaine drops used to make the EYES look more...luminous; my FAVE of all time is the California halter trainer years ago who had rigged a large shower stall with a power cord and would put a few inches of water in it, lead the horse in and plug it in - BOY did those Park Horses pick up their feet!. Weighting feet, drugging, whipping.... all reasons we do not show in the Arabian circuit anymore. Our young stallion and several of our other horses over the years in open competition. No one cares if their eyes are luminous there. 

BTW, use of ginger is ILLEGAL! Yet they sell it!

On Feb 12, 2009, at 5:50 PM, Rusty wrote:

OK, so I went to the opening day of the Scottsdale Arabian show today. It was late in the day and most of the activity was over but the shopping, I proceeded to the Schinders tent to do some exploring. Standing in the row of rub, lotions and lineament I saw a small jar and the cover said “Ginger rub”. Knowing ginger is an amazing natural product I was curious to the use for it on horses, I picked it up and read – Use for tail carriage – apply to rectum ten minutes before show time! OMG!
I will never understand this world of horse showing and the poor unsuspecting horse with ginger on his a*^! I can’t even get a crupper under my guys tail, lol!
More stories to come for the world of over privileged riders and under privileged horsesJ


[RC] ginger for horses?, Rusty