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[RC] Riding posture - Rosalie Marley

A RC friend and I have been talking about rider posture.  I realized that I have seen a similar posture in Puerto Rican Speed Racking races (Andadura).  These are informal and take place on the street, they are not endurance distances.  The horses are Paso Finos doing a speed rack - the speed rack requires a slightly hollow back.  And the riders are bare back - no cantle or stirrups to brace against.  If you think of the rider's whole body being a teeter totter board, with the seat bones as a fulcrum, they can balance very well front to back.  I can't remember seeing anyone really hanging on the mouth causing a gape (although there is pretty good contact).  There is not a lot of steering or side to side as these are short street races. 

The position must work for these riders, as speed seems to be the primary goal.  However - these are gaited horses who need a somewhat hollow back for that gait, and they are not going for 100 miles. 

Youtube has tons of videos - check out "andadura".  Here is a sample:

Please note - I'm not saying this is a right or wrong thing.  I'm just pointing out that others use this kind of posture.

Rosalie Marley
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