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[RC] RE:Belsemo that won't load - sherman

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Another vote that you should take Paul up on his offer.
I had two different horses that wouldn't load, one would sling his head quickly, while charging forward up the outside of the trailer, which would lead to the rope getting pulled away and the horse galloping, head and tail high, down the road. He'd then realize he'd left his friends, and come galloping back. I didn't have enough knowledge at the time to train him, so I parked the trailer and used it as his feed room, starting with feeding at the back end, then worked up to the front. I had body work done on him before we tried the trailer again and he was "fixed". About his only regression, after 5 or so years, was a couple months ago when he'd been ridden, tied for a while, then I tried to load him. He reverted back to his old ways, but when he got away, he didn't run off.  I picked up the rope, lead him to a soft area and he peed, then quietly got in the trailer. Definitely discomfort was the reason for this horse's bad behavior. 
The other horse was an untrained 8 yr old mustang, I used the annoying lounge whip, tickling her legs and hips for hours 'til she finally got in. I had to do that several times before she was solid, but then she was SOLID!
Good luck!