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[RC] another loading story - Sheila_Larsen

My new horse doesn't  want to load either, he will but very reluctantly.
but I have to have a horse that gets in the trailer everytime I want to
ride.  He had been trailer because he came in a trailer and had been a race
horse.  I know the issue is not about the trailer it is about many other
things such as  going forward as he can plant his feet and not want to go
forward.  It could also be about not wanting to put his feet on something
other than the ground.  So I decided to teach him to go in using clicker
training, and I kept telling myself outloud- trust the process it is not
about getting in the trailer.  The first time I spent an hour and he was
almost in but not quite, but it was very non stressful (well less for him
than me but I think I hid it well) and he was as relaxed at the end as he
was in the beginning.  I reviewed my strategy that evening realized that I
had left some things out and the next day it took about ten minutes but I
didn't ask him to stay in very long and we did it again and it took 30
seconds.  Of course with the weather I haven't done it again but in my
horse's case it isn't about the trailer and I suspect many times it isn't
about the trailer but about many other things.  Of course, when I saw him
in the trailer I thought, mmm maybe I better get a head bumper for him.  I
have a Sundowner gooseneck and he isn't that   tall but I could see him
accidentally bumping his head.

So I would take Paul up on his offer and see what happens.  Of course I
don't know what kind of trailer you are trying to load him into but I
assume he will fit comfortably in it.   I hope you can work it out and
depending on what you  have done, you might try walking him over a tarp,
walking him between stacked hay bales, back through a stall door, lots of
things to get ready for Paul.

O, for a morning in May... filled with the beauty of horses, soft with
light of heaven. – Author unknown