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[RC] Bryce and the Wilderness - k s swigart

Barbara said about "non-competitive" endurance rides:

I would rather ride without placing and points than not
?ride at all, even though it is not an "endurance ride" by
?our rules. 
There is currently not anything stopping anybody from riding their horse 
however far they want in much of the wilderness "without placing and pionts" 
nor is there anything stopping a group from planning such and outing for them 
to get together and ride their horses. Sso if it something you want to do, you 
don't need the AERC to change its rules to allow for "non-competetive" rides.
You want to go out and ride in the Wilderness, and not get "placing and 
points?" Go do it.? You want to get a group together and plan it as an outing, 
pay vets to make sure you don't over ride your horse, arrange for somebody to 
put out water for your horse if necessary, pay somebody to cater the meals, you 
can do it.? You really DON"T need the AERC to "sanction" this for you....unless 
it is the credit from the AERC for the miles that matters.
Me?? I would rather ride without credit from the AERC for miles than not ride 
at all.? In fact, I do it all the time...I have even been known to do it in the 
San Gorgonio Wilderness....and I have "organized" such excursions for groups of 
Orange County, Calif.

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