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Re: [RC] FEI entry fees - Diane Trefethen

Okay, I give up. I REALLY tried to keep out of this :( I do not, WILL NOT, ride FEI but I greatly admire those who do AND have the courage of their convictions. I think if you want to criticize the organizer of this ride, you should first underwrite a ride where you have a MUCH better than average chance of losing several thousand dollars of your own money.

This Special Git R Done ride in January was organized in response to pleadings from FEI riders in the West who still needed to qualify their horses. The organizer is going out on a very expensive limb if not enough riders show up. I am sure that any AERC rider who wants to help out, especially by paying the entry fee and riding, would be most warmly welcomed. Here are some of her comments BEFORE she got the ride sanctioned:

I have not yet sent in the applications, but at this time, most of the lights
are green for a January 30 VERY BARE BONES Git R Done AERC/FEI CEI2* 120 km and
CEI3* 160 km ride.
For those of you who expressed interest in such a ride, I would very much
appreciate your support and entries. I am going out on a limb here because the
riders expressed a need for such a ride, and I would hope that those of you who
asked for this would step up when the time comes.
I expect that the ride will be very small in number of entries, therefore, entry
fees will be high. Probably in the range of $500 for either AERC only or
AERC/FEI together. There will be no food service offered, finishing awards will
be certificates of accomplishment, all vet checks will be back in camp, and it
will be one figure eight loop (loops 4 and 5 put together) done three times for
the 120 km, and four times for the 160 km.
I hope this will meet the riders' needs to get horses star qualified, as this is
the only reason I am going ahead with this. I am risking ride management and
volunteer burnout by adding a third GRD ride in one year's time, but I recognize
the need here on the West Coast. If any of you have friends or family who would
be able to volunteer Jan 30, their help would be much appreciated.

I have the green light, so I have applied for sanctioning from AERC and USEF/FEI
for a NO FRILLS Jan 30, 2010, Git R Done ride, 75 and 100 mile distances only. I
do this with the sole intention of supporting our Western FEI riders who need
more rides at which to star qualify younger horses.
It is my sincere wish not to have any negative impact, whatsoever, upon existing
AERC rides, inluding Bar H (same date) and 20 Muleteam (four weeks later). Those
of you who would like a beautiful and historic 100 mile ride should plan on
attending the 20 Muleteam ride. Git R Done Special Jan 30 will be expensive to
attend, low-budget in management, and extremely boring. The only reason to
bother attending the Git R Done Special ride will be to qualify FEI horses.
I hope to see you all at both Git R Done Special and 20 Muleteam!

Hello again!
I am changing the date on the application for the extra Git R Done ride to Jan
16, 2010. This should help with any conflicts between it and other Pacific
Southwest rides.


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Re: [RC] FEI entry fees, magnumsmom