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Re: [RC] FEI Ride Entry Fee - Elizabeth Walker

Now, this fee structure makes sense to me.  The amount will vary depending on region and ride manager, but there is a clear distinction between the FEI fees and folks that are not riding FEI.  

On Nov 11, 2009, at 8:50 AM, Teri Hunter wrote:

Wow!  I admit I had sticker shock when I saw the GitRDone ride entry fees.  I know what the fees are in Florida so yes I was in shock.  Here are 3 high profile FEI rides in the SE.  Nowhere near 600 for a 100 mile ride.  They have been putting these rides on for years so they must know what they are doing.  I feel sorry for the FEI riders not having the rides they need to qualify and then having to pay the fees to qualify.  I fully support ALL FEI riders and their endeavors, some may be riding for themselves and their own goals but they are ALL riding for the US.    GO TEAM USA!
Goethe – December 2009
100MILES/ AERC $115 or 100MILES/FEI/AERC $360*
*includes all FEI/USEF fees
75MILES/ AERC $95 or 75MILES/FEI/AERC $280*
includes all FEI/USEF fees
50MILES/ AERC $80 or 50 MILES/FEI/AERC $210*
*includes all FEI/USEF fees
25MILES/ $65
FITS – March 2009
Juniors & Young Riders ½ Price
100Miles / AERC $150 or FEI $300
75Miles/ AERC $125 or FEI $200
50Miles/ AERC $100 or FEI $150
25Miles $75
Additional fees $10 per horse per day.
FEI Drug and HP Fee $58
Biltmore – May 2009
AERC OPEN 100      
SR-$200 / JR-$130
FEI 100
SR-$300 / YR-$200
SR-$160 /JR-$110
FEI 75
SR-$240 /YR-$160
SR-$120 /JR-$80
FEI 50
SR-$180 /YR-$120
Plus FEI riders Drug & HP Fee $58

[RC] FEI Ride Entry Fee, Teri Hunter