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RE: [RC] FEI entry fees - EnduroGal

Think of the best, most well-organized 100-miler you ever did that cost $150 or less to enter.  I can think of several.  The question here with this FEI issue is “why aren’t these rides less expensive?”  But more importantly… CAN they be?  When you get right down to it?  It’s not just the actual FEI event …it’s the qualifying rides as well.  It’s the qualifying rides especiallyWhy are they so expensive, and CAN they be less expensive?


The present system seems designed to ensure that many good “middle income” riders with good horses are effectively eliminated from the pool before they can even set foot on the trail.  I’d be curious to know what these amazing entry fees go towards… 10% management, 15% vets, 75% prestige??  If that’s not the case, somebody set me straight.  If the large FEI entry fee is actually going towards paying a multitude of FEI fees in conjunction with the qualifying ride, that’s about as annoying as my phone company… which seems to insert a fee or a tax for every little thing on my monthly bill (once my annoyance has finally reached a certain level, I’m going to forego the phone altogether and start sending smoke signals like in the old, old days).


Think of the best, most well-organized 100-miler you ever did that cost $150 or less to enter.  It would seem logical that an FEI qualifier, especially, shouldn’t be any more than this… especially considering the fact that the rider is also having to foot other large FEI expenses apart from the entry as well… namely, an equine passport.  I bet if the issue were voted on by ridecampers right now, most of them would state that they found $600 entry fees to be a bit… well... startling.  I have to admit that I do!




(Baskhari, RIP – Platinum  J )


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I don't know what Ft Howes entries were, but the Fandango was $150 for just AERC, $275 for AERC/FEI for the 100 mile (CEI***) entry. I was able to pay the bills, but only because there was a good turnout (for Idaho) since everybody needed to qualify their horses according to the new rules. 

It's incredibly expensive to host FEI rides - and to participate in USEF and FEI events. Between the expense and the hassle and the flat-ish courses that the riders need/want...it just isn't anything that interests me anymore.  I'm even finding it hard to drum up the interest in reporting on the big races.  They are dominated by big money players over-seas and between the horse sales, trainers, owners, prize monies and sponsors it feels more like the flat track racing industry than the sport of endurance. It's not so bad here in the USA and probably never will be - at least I hope not!




On Nov 10, 2009, at 5:42 PM, sbolinge@xxxxxxx wrote:

How much were the entry fees for the Ft Howes ride??


Re: [RC] FEI entry fees, stephanie teeter