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Re: [RC] Horse Insurance - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

I call up the insurance company every year and get a quote on how much 
it would cost to 
insure them (4-5 horses), and then I put the money in the bank instead and 
then pay 
unexpected vet bills out of that.  My first quote was over $2000 per year, and 
I figured 
'for that money, I can just pay the vet myself."

This is sort of how we insured ourselves when we didn't have health insurance 
at work. We took out a $5,000 deductable policy, then put the difference that a 
$1,000 deductable policy would have cost us in an account. We just had to stay 
out of the hospital for a year or so before we had the $5,000 sitting in the 
bank for our deductable.  

I've had horses for 39 years and other than lameness exams and occasional 
stitches have had very very few vet bills. In 5000 miles+ miles of endurance I 
have never had to have a treatment. If I have to pay for something big it will 
never add up to what the insurance premiums would have been all those years. 
The way insurance works is they bet your horse won't need it and you bet he 
will. They need to insure say...5 who don't need it to make up for the one who 
does.  I figure if you put me in a group of 5 I've got a very good chance of 
being one of them who does not need it, and I don't want to pay for the one who 
manages to have more problems.

Angie McGhee

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