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[RC] Another kind of Top Ten - sangel15

This is something my husband and only crewmember  thought up waiting on us while we were out on trail. Those of you that know him, know he is the life of the party and would help anyone with anything. He loves horses while on the ground but flat refuses to get on one...maybe some day....enjoy!

                          Top Ten According to my Crew/Husband

  •  An endurance horse, unless they come up lame, don’t walk funny after the ride
  •  An endurance horse gets several free medical check -ups on race weekends.
  •  If you are an endurance horse and you fail a drug–test, you don’t lose your employment only your placement.
  • If you are a male endurance horse, well, you are hung like a horse.
  •  If you are a female endurance horse and not a female endurance rider, you are a mare, not a bitch.
  • An endurance horse doesn’t have to worry about the cold, however it may be cold enough that his rider's husband/crew may be glad to have heart burn.
  •  An endurance horse gets a cool sponge bath, massage and a prepared meal after each loop while an endurance rider gets 40 minutes to take care of their horse.
  •  An endurance horse doesn’t have to worry about the frequency or color of their riders urine.
  •  An endurance horse doesn’t have to use the port-a-johns on race weekend nor worry about loud farting among his peers.
  •  If you’re an endurance horse being a heavy drinker is a good thing.

Sharon Hinshaw